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Smartbot is an open-source Raspberry Pi and Arduino- powered robot that can run around in your house, either controlled by a program or manually. Oh yes, and it's streaming live video footage! The robot after assembly

What is "Raspberry Pi" and "Arduino"?

Raspberry Pi and Arduino are two electronic boards developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Arduino LLC, respectively. Raspberry Pi (RPi for short) si a whole computer at the size of a credit card! It can control devices such as motors, LEDs and sensors. Arduino is a small micro-controller. Essentially, a great tool for people who want to make simple light and straightforward project.

Can I Make It?

Of course! Raspberry Pi and Arduino are relatively cheap and rest of the components are a few dollars. For a complete tutorial and explanation, visit the Instructable that will be linked in about a week.

How Does It Work?

Well, there are three platforms for this project:

Authors and Contributors

I'm @RedPhantom, a 14 years old student from Israel learning in the Max Shein Junior High School for Advanced Science and Mathematics. I'm making this project for everyone to learn from and share!

Support or Contact

If there's any problem with the software, just submit a ticket and we will find out what’s wrong.

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